Animals of Asia

There is a diverse amount of flora within Asia that is home to plenty of animal species. Jungles and mountains have an abundance of particularly unique creatures.

Giant Panda

These are one of the most well known types of bear in all of Asia. They live in mountains throughout central China. The online information site Wikipedia has articles discussing efforts to save this endangered species. There are currently only around 1000 giant pandas in existence. Many of them are kept in captivity for conservation purposes.

Asian Elephant

The Asian elephant is significantly smaller in size compared to its African counterparts. These creatures live in herds within tropical forests. They are most commonly found in Sri Lanka, India and southern regions of China. Within a herd, the largest and oldest of the females tend to be the leader. Once a male reaches maturity, they may leave the herd.


The orangutan is a highly intelligent species of primate. Some have been seen utilizing tools and constructing elaborate nests. They are also known for their huge arm spans. From fingertip to fingertip, a 5-ft male may have an arm span of 7 ft. These creatures can be found within Sumatra and Borneo. Deforestation currently threatens orangutan populations.

King Cobra

The king cobra is the longest venomous snake on earth. Adults have been known to reach lengths of over 13 ft. Within India, the king cobra has an important cultural significance. It also has a fearsome reputation as these snakes can deliver a deadly bite when provoked. Large amounts of antivenom may be needed to stop the painful symptoms. Luckily, king cobras are naturally shy and avoid confrontation.