What Not to Do to the Environment

It is common for people to make a negative impact on the natural environment without realizing it. This can be minimized by being aware of what not to do. When visiting woodland and river areas, there are several mistakes that should be avoided.

River crossings are designed for cars to pass through them. However, some people park in these areas in order to take a picture. Publications such as the Independent often report on water pollution. This may occur from cars leaking oil. Therefore, drivers should not stop at river crossings.

It may also be tempting to take rocks out of the water to build cairns. However, salamanders rely on rocks to protect their eggs. Taking something small out of a river may seem innocuous, but it can disrupt the local ecology.

Sometimes when in a rush, people can leave items behind at a campsite. This can be avoided by performing a long cleaning session before leaving. This should take at least ten minutes. Often, pollution and littering are caused more by carelessness than malice. Glass bottles are particularly dangerous. If shards are left, then they can injure local animals and other humans.